When it comes to Websites, everyone start to think about the reasons to have one! Well i'm here to give you 10 reasons to have a professional website for your business, whatever it is about.

1. Tell the world about yourself and what you can offer with your Business:

Everyone needs to know about your Business, of course locals will probably know that you exist without looking at your website but would it be great to reach more people? even from a different country? You can sell everything online nowadays, both products and services.

2. Create content to attract potential customers easily:

People are searching for content through search engines everyday, you can have a News section or a Blog inside your website to provide interesting content about your business so that people that are searching for relevant content can find your website easily.

3. Showcase your work, your most important products or services:

Showing people what you can offer with a Portfolio is probably the most effective way to make them buy your products or services, highlighting the the most important benefits that differentiate you from the competitors.

4. Promote your events and new openings

If you have a physical store and you are organizing an event to reach more people, you can reach even more people writing a post about your store with all the news and informations.

5. Sell products or services online with your website

You can have an online store to sell your products or services worldwide, isn't fantastic? All your customers and order will be store inside a database manageable through an user-friendly dashboard so you can keep track of everything without having to deal with a lot of paperworks.
You can receive payments with Bank transfer, PayPal or credit cards.

6. Get to know your customers tastes

You'll have the ability to track who is viewing your website and who is making purchases. The data collected can provide valuable information that will allow you to better target your current and potential customers. Tracking software is becoming very intelligent.

7. Attract potential new customers with Call-To-Actions

A Call-To-Action is usually a button that can make people perform different actions, for example: fill a form with their contact details, leave their emails to receive a coupon code or to subscribe to the newsletter.
In this way you can easily collect contact details of potential customers and send them offers to make them buy your products or services.

8. Give a better customer service experience

Usually a website will include a contact us section that gives your customers instant access to ask a question, or notify you about a problem with your goods or services. This gives you the ability to provide instant feedback to the customer and improve your customer service satisfaction rate. There are many creative ways to improve a customers experience with a simple contact form so they may contact you with questions, a blog or forum they can leave questions in or even a live chat for immediate satisfaction.

9. Coast savings

A website can cost you very little to maintain it. When compared to other advertising techniques, it is fairly inexpensive. Considering the power of a website, the return-on-investment is higher than other advertising channels in most cases.

Last but probably the most important:

10. A good user interface makes a better user experience

Having a great user interface on your website can really make you stand out of the competitors, attract more people to navigate to the pages of your website in the most intuitive way possible.
The page that must have a good user interface is definitely the Home page, which is the page that most people will land at first.

These are the most important reasons to have a website for your Business, more resources will come out shortly in this Blog. Stay TUNED!