MODX is a CMS (Content Management System) that gives you the freedom of managing your website the way you want. How? Let’s find out.

Whether you are a Developer, a Designer or a regular user, MODX offers you a system that lets you publish your offline content onto the web in any form, shape or presence you want.

It also offers a completely customizable backend interface that you can make as simple (or as complex) as you like.

You can setup a simple website, a blog , an API or even a full-scale web application with MODX, and keep your admin interface simple and usable.

Drag and drop your web-pages around to reorder and move them. Get a full WYSIWYG Editor to see how your content will be seen by the public. You can also schedule Resources to publish at certain times.


MODX, in essence, has tons of moving parts. But the basic code parts are:

  • Resources are basically web pages (although resources can be documents, web links, etc.) Templates:
  • Templates are the core of the webpage, they contain all the HTML, logic, content, the header and footer.
  • Template Variables (TVs) are custom fields for a Template that allow the user to assign dynamic values to a Resource. A great example would be a 'tags' TV that allows you to specify tags for a Resource. You can have an unlimited number of TVs per page.
  • Chunks are reusable HTML markup (i.e. headers, footers, sidebars, etc.).
  • Snippets are dynamic bits of PHP code.
  • Plugins are similar to snippets but are triggered by system events.


MODX is one of the safest CMS platforms, data from CVE Details, a site that collects software vulnerabilities proves it:

  • Over the years, MODX has collected a total of 31 vulnerabilities, none of them are considered serious.
  • Wordpress, the most famous CMS, has collected 294 vulnerabilities, 10 of them are considered serious.

As a matter of fact, we must certainly consider the notoriety of Wordpress, but MODx was born with the primary control of security: the core is developed with an innovation aimed at obscuring the most sensitive files and, in general , a greater focus on cyber security.


Performances of websites are not just a matter of the user but nowadays Google is giving us a lot of strict rules and optimizations to follow and apply in order to Rank better on search results.

MODX has certainly grown over the years and offers some tools out-of-the-box that can help your website perform better:

  • Advanced caching system for pages, images but also database queries or portions of templates;
  • The entire architecture of the MODX core is speed oriented: queries to the database are minimized, each individual component is programmed with efficiency in mind.


MODX helps your site to perform well in search engines, how? Allowing you to build tight, semantic HTML5/CSS3 code.

Typically, sites with minimal code/markup compared to the actual words on the page fare better in the search game. Since MODX gives you 100% control over every element and tag on your page, you can always be at the forefront of SEO techniques and trends.