Project Type:

JQuery Plugin

Technologies Used:

  • ES6 Javascript
  • JQuery

A revolutionary plugin for JQuery

I developed this JQuery Plugin that allows to simulate a human typing a phrase as a placeholder for a form input field or as a simple text.

I’ve seen this text trick in a couple of famous websites and decided to implement it using JQuery so it’ll be easy for everyone to use in every project, taking dynamic values aswell.


Takes 2 arguments:

  • Array of strings
  • Write speed in milliseconds (default: 100)

Pass "data-placeholder" or "data-text" to the element tag (default: text)

<input type="text" data-placeholder>
var typingPh = [
    "Search Website e.g. \"Dancing Cats\"",
    "Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet",
    "Consectetur adipiscing elit",
    "JS is so strange :)"
$('input').humanTyping(typingPh, 150);

To view the project code click on the link below:

Github - manuel-inhertz/jquery.humanTyping

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