Project Type:

Modx Website

Technologies Used:

  • HTML
  • Sass
  • Javascript
  • Modx CMS

Everything started with a social community

I developed this website for a client who manages a community of people that attends to events about health, friendship and social in general.

It's simple and pretty straight forward to catch the attention of potential new customers with call to actions, an event listing with filters and a blog with tags and comments features.

Its background is based on a gradient between the two colors of the logo.

The Layout

The layout is based on the css framework Bootstrap 4 with SASS customizations, i used some Javascript open-source libraries to implement the main functionalities and animations like Isotope for the categories filter and a built-in Javascript function to retreive query-string parameters and filter posts based on the value.

Backend powered by Modx

The CMS that i used to power up this website is MODX which is fully customizable and allows me as a developer to develop stuff as i like, the client gets an easy to use backend manager to manage pages, blog posts etc. very easily.

To view the project LIVE click on the link below:

Home | Love Social Relax Community